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The Dragon Lord chapter 2


Chapter 2




 When he arrived at zhagh muttagh, Ligh’tregan was greeted by the elves, who saw their new rider was one of them. “Duu soonderver freoohage!” They shouted. He oiled his sheath in return. Goldera, are you ready?

 Yes! She called back. Then go!  He commanded. She flew up and blew a great jet of flame into the air.


Then a red rider flew down to meet them, holding a bow. He had a long, red sword, red eyes, and long, black hair. Ligh’tregan got his bow out and the red rider shot at him. He dodged and shot the red dragon’s paw. “Brisingoter!” he shouted and the dragon whirled round, throwing the red rider off balance, he jumped onto the dragon and stuck haj’jok through the rider’s foot and into the dragon’s back. He took the sword out and jumped back onto Goldera. The dragon and rider were falling into an oil pit. Ligh’tregan saw this and took the chance. “Brisiingur!” and the pit was on fire. The enchanted grass models were burnt up! “Hurray!” The elves and the riders chanted. “Good skills! I would like to introduce myself. I am Rogan. They modelled the rider you just defeated on me.” Said an elf that looked a lot like the rider he just defeated, including the scorch marks, the hay-like blonde hair, and the elaborate xanon-bone bow. “where did you get that?”

“it was what gave me these scorch marks.” He said proudly, showing off his black marks on his otherwise perfect face. He stood up tall and puffed out his already huge muscled chest. He had good reason to be proud of himself, though, because the xanons were the second most feared creatures, after dragons. In fact, they were basically untamed, less smart dragons themselves.

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