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The Dragon Lord chapter 4


Chapter 4


By this time Ligh’tregan had become accustomed to, and liked flying Goldera. Shall we fly him to zhagh muttagh and celebrate there with him and Rogan? She asked. Aye! Called back Ligh’tregan. And off they went, the three of them, on a long journey to zhagh muttagh.

When they arrived, who should greet them but hajidok, with his wizard like appearance, and his mother, sel’domincum, with her long, blue hair and sparkling green eyes. “We found your friend, Rogan!”  They said, “He asked if we could take you to your home!”

“Wow! Can you take all of us?!” asked max.

“Yes dear, you see this round thing?”

 “Yes, a portal.”

“Good, it’s the portal to our room!”

“How many are there?”

“There are 999,999,999 exactly!”


“Yes, wow!” they all jumped into the portal and ended up in a large leafy room. It had leaf beds, a leaf cave for Goldera and a leaf video storage box. They sat down on the leaf sofa and watched ‘people running about’. When it had finished, Rogan opened the leaf door with his card and came in. “care for a disco party?” and led them through a small leaf door in Goldera’s cave. Inside was a giant record player and an autumn leaf coated room. He turned the record player on and threw back some silky, scarlet red curtains, shouting, “Shop’s open!” a hundred people just appeared out of thin air. They all danced on the record player/dance floor while the swae’teang family were served at the pub behind the curtains, all of them saying “this place has every thing!” 


They carried on with this very same lifestyle for a whole year! When things finally got a bit weird it was his 15th birthday and he had received 1009 glleidrs and a bag of elven éclairs which popped open to their name and gave you a question, if you got it right they gave you 800 glleidrs and if you got it wrong they gave you a painful whack on the head and jumped into your mouth and forced you to eat them. By the time he had finished he had 6001 extra glleidrs and a large welt in his head.


He went to the blade shop and bought himself a new sword. It was gold, like his dragon. “rih’ then, ‘a’ll be 6001 glleidrs for the best blade we’ve made fur cent’ries please!” said the shopkeeper.

“6001? I got that from my elven éclairs packet!”

“You’re a legend in this shop then!” and handed him the sword, sheathed, and with his symbol etched into it, the black frontier. “thank you very much!”

“no problem.” Said the shopkeeper excitedly. “now you need to give it a name.”

“alright, I hereby name this sword dike’gedie!” then, as he had got a better blade he threw haj’jok to Rogan.

“take care of it for me please!” he said, for he didn’t want to let his famed sword go to waste, especially since he had gone to all the trouble of naming it after his beloved father and got it all that reputation!    


Ligh’tregan and Rogan went to the black frontier, the new name for the battle warden, and sparred. With dike’gedie aiding him with magic, Ligh'tregan easily disarmed Rogan and won by throwing him out of the arena “Addax aded asheat alkindo!” said the judge which meant ‘win by throw out!’, even though he had the world’s most famous sword, Rogan was still more of Ligh’tregan’s skill with the bow, for Ligh'tregan was the world’s most famed swordsman.

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