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The Dragon Lord chapter 6

Chapter 6


Sel’ania had bought him a packet of éclairs for winning the fight, so he had decided he might buy her the most beautiful ring he could with the money from it, so when he got through the packet with 99999 extra glleidrs and one hit on the head, he immediately rushed off to the jewellers. When he arrived, he couldn’t get through because of the small door, designed for shrunken people who had gone through the entrance portal. He went round to the portal but found his extraordinary height was too much for it. The very very very very short king came up to him and said “don’t worry, use the side one, it’s designed for people as tall as you!”

“Thanks!” replied Ligh’tregan.

“Don’t mention it!”


When he got in, finally, the jeweller told him “why, you’ve got lovely blond hair haven’t you? Are you the new prince?”

“Yes, Prince Ligh'tregan of terrakloys miss!”

“Wow! I bet you’ve come to get a ring for your princess! Well princes don’t have to pay for rings! But if you want, you can buy the whole lot, the kings robes here,” she pointed to a set of diamond robes. “These queens stuff,” running over to the other side of the room and pointing to a frilly, pink dress, set with rubies. “And both of these royal crowns just for 99999 glleidrs, the ring’s still free!” picking up two gracious crowns, one set with diamonds on silver, one gold set with rubies, and a spectacular ring made out of gold and set with emeralds, rubies and diamonds very excitedly.

“Thank you, I’ll take it!” said ligh’tregan

“Pleasure doing business with you!”


When he came to give sel’ania her present, ligh’tregan noticed that she looked more beautiful now than ever before, with her medium-length auburn hair, hazel eyes and soft lips, and she also looked happier, as if she knew what trouble he went through just to get this wonderful present. When he showed her, she was overcome with joy, as it was a much better change from her usual short-length normal cool stuff, and she went to put it on. When she came out, they found that not only had she changed, but also made her hair more beautiful.

“How do I look?” she said.

“You look more beautiful than ever!” replied both the king and ligh’tregan instantaneously.

“Thanks! Now  it’s time for your present, ligh’tregan. Come over here and close your eyes! I’ll lead you.” He went with her on the long, winding road to the royal stables. When they finally arrived, she kissed him and told him to open his eyes. What he saw at first was just an ordinary but royal-looking brown horse, but then he saw it turn white, then a horn grew on his head, then he could swear he saw wings rise out of its body.

“It likes you! Go on, get on and ride it!” said sel’ania. So he got on, in the spot behind the wings that he had noticed on Goldera, which looked like a huge bowl on Goldera, but a much smaller plate-bowl on this animal, and sel’ania got on hers and they galloped out of the stables together. The transforma-unipegasuses took off and they flew twice round the 12345 km2 castle, down to the stream, and back to the stables.

When they got back, Rogan was waiting! He gave them a note.


Please come and help! We are being attacked

By a dragon! Come quick; bring Goldera and

dike’gedie. Please help us defeat it and

Its accomplished daemons.


Sel’domincum &    hajidok

They set off immediately on the winding hilltop road, but left the transforma-unipegasuses behind, because they were too delicate, slow and valuable. They transformed back into horses as soon as they were out of sight. When they got there, the dragon was pinning them down and was just about to kill them when a sword cut straight through the dragon, killing it and so saving Ligh’tregan’s parents. The sword flew up to ligh’tregan and fell. He caught it and read the writing. It said:  



Braka balir porto poinh gragh


Which meant: break all swords on person

As soon as he read it, the sword smashed. He got out dike’gedie and it too had smashed into smithereens. The daemons were coming and they had no weapon. Then he remembered that he had seen a staff on the back of sel’ania’s dress.

“sel’ania, can you turn around so your back is facing me please,” said Ligh’tregan, and she turned round. There was the staff! They were saved! the daemons were all lined up so Ligh’tregan just swept his staff in a line and they were all knocked off the mountain. There was a note. It said:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the first test! To complete the next test, you must jump were you wouldn’t normally crawl or walk and have faith. For nothing shall happen if you do it right.

Ligh'tregan immediately jumped off the mountain. He fell for seemingly ever, and just as he was about to hit the earth, he shouted:





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