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The Dragon Lord chapter 7

Chapter 7, I need a sword!


He immediately stopped falling. There was white writing in front of him in a font which reminded him of the scrawling scripts in old english  that said:

WELL DONE! You have completed the second task. The third and last is only to solve this riddle:

You must remember, the peril of them all,

Do not remember, the peril will turn to them.

Remember this, young dragon rider,

The species of you, the elves.

Remember the first name of time,

You are stuck here, the mind does wander.

Figure this out and you will pass,

Remember which word was repeated most,

Remember the word you have to remember.

they’re going to wipe my mind!”

as soon as he said that, he was up on the mountain. Then, immediately sel’ania said, worriedly:

“there’s someone in your mind”

“can you remember what happened?” said max, “after all, you are an elf!” (it should now be mentioned that elves are prone to forgetting even who they are if someone is in their mind)

“of course, remember elf!” said Ligh’tregan, and his full memory came back to him and a big, slightly clear spirit descended to him and wrote in the air,


And Ligh'tregan wrote back:


He immediately put out a hand and a sword appeared, then he ascended to the sword heaven. He saw loads of spirits, and then he tried talking to one. “Hello!”

“Oh, hi, my name is Babbage! Charles Babbage! I invented the first computer! Are you new here?” he said, furiously shaking his hand.

“Yes, I am I’m afraid, but what did you say about the computie-whatsits?”

 “The greatest invention in the world, the computer, and I invented it! Look at all those people down there, enjoying the “macbook”, the newest model of it!”

“That doesn’t look anything like any book I’ve seen!”

“no, but it’s much better than any old book, because it has a whole library of information called the internet, wonderful thing, that, I could spend the rest of my death looking at that” he started to become colourful, with wonderful warm colours, like autumn leaves.

“But I didn’t finish it, the deaths delayed me, then when I died I looked down on my son and helped him build it, please, do you know where the new god of swords is?”

“Yes, he’s standing right here”

“What, you?”

“Yes, but I don’t know how to be one yet!”

“I’ll teach you, but first, I think your family are missing you down there so just stick the sword into the floor of heaven and cut a circle for you to escape, bye!”

“See ya!”


When he arrived back at earth, there was a whole herd of weird and wonderful creatures causing a riot, and right at the front of them stood the most spectacular one of all, and it appeared to be leading them. It had the beak of an eagle, head of a zebra, mane of a parrot, goat’s horns, the body of a rainbow fish and the rear end of a chameleon(including front and back legs). Ligh'tregan looked in his “Ye Olde Booke Of Ye Magykal Kreatures” and looked it up. Here is the entry:







the leader of all creatures, this amazing beast can do just about anything, even summon dinosaurs. It grants ten wishes to its carer. It is very advisable to care for it as a sort of pet.



“It doesn’t say how to capture it!” said Ligh'tregan.

“Here you go!” said Hajidok, giving Ligh’tregan a green handheld machine. It’s my latest invention, the styler! It can capture anything! Just press this button and tell it to stop when you can see an orange ring around it. It does rely on your strength at first but then it starts feeding off your expertise instead, so it’s best to capture something powerful on your first try so you get more expertise than if you captured something with lower strength than you. This one just happens to be perfect! It is the strongest creature there ever was and ever will be but it has only 15 capture resistance, you have 1200 strength but 3000 capture strength, this creature’s as good as a pet already!”

Ligh'tregan pressed the button which released a small disc from the contraption, and it spun around the wonderful beast with more speed than lightning, taking less than a fraction of a second to capture it and make an orange loop around it, then it knelt down before Ligh'tregan and he started caring for it like the wonderful creature it was. With the zeagoraeleon helping him, he told the others to calm down and return to their homes.

 chapter 8: The Dragon Lord chap8

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