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Chapter 8

Of how Ligh’tregan captured a phoenix and of how he won a dinosaur card in a creature duel




When he woke up the   next day, Ligh’tregan found a curious phoenix staring at him as if it wanted to hug him to find out if he was prey or not, (the phoenix hug was famed to be a danger to anything, seen as it ate anything killed by it, but it ended up damaging anything that wasn’t killed very severely) wings blazing up an inferno. He reached for where his new styler was on his belt from yesterday, only to find it wasn’t there. Then he remembered. He had left it in the hands of his father, the best inventor in the whole of terrakloys, to try and add a caller app, which you can use to teleport your styler to your hand. Ligh'tregan called him with magic. +Have you finished that app yet dad?+ +Yes son, I’m teleporting the caller to you now!+ +NO!, teleport it onto my styler holder on my belt+ +OK, but why not to your teleporter?+ +one word, phoenix!+ the caller appeared on his belt, he pressed the button and, sure enough, there was the styler, right there on his belt, away from the caller. He pressed the fire button and this time it took 4 seconds for the orange ring to appear. “Stop!” he yelled. Then the phoenix bowed down to him and followed his orders, but, as Ligh'tregan was too kind to let the wonderful and amazing creature suffer any misfortune, he treated it also like his best friend. Then, outside, a black spirit hologram appeared. “Fizz… Ligh'tregan? You are invited to the universal creature duels. Crackle… bring your styler and both your creatures. Fzzt… go to the portal that will appear in your teleporter and link it up to the controls. Fzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt……

The hologram disappeared and there was a portal floating on top of the teleporter’s ring, Ligh'tregan plugged the connecting wire first into the portal, then into the teleporter controls. “Download complete. Body transfer, section 9-B-5 unlocked. Ready for teleportation. Cap 1 removed.” The portal disappeared. Ligh'tregan set the teleporter to body transfer to section 9-B-5. Then he pressed time setting 6-S and jumped in the teleporter. After 6 seconds, he was in section 9-B-5, in the blue half of the stands of what appeared to be a fighting ring of some sort.

AND NOW IT’S TIME FOR THE FIGHTING TASK! ROUND ONE!” DING! DING!  “IN THE BLUE CORNER, IT’S LIGH'TREGAN! IN THE RED CORNER, NERIAN WOLFCHASER!” the crowd went wild! “Oy! I bet you 1095 glleidrs that the wolf chaser’s gonna lose!” “Fine! I take your bet and triple it (I need to lose all my money you see!)” “PLEASE TAKE YOUR PLACERS!” “Didn’t he mean places?” Ligh’tregan asked a know-it-all looking character. . “No, placers are the devices on the back of the person in front of you’s chair. They put your creatures into the arena to duel. Basically like that “Pokémon” thing you earth boys watch all the time. By the way, my name’s Rheged bluewater.”

“Thanks Rheged!”

He picked up the placer and pressed the blue button and his phoenix and zeagoraeleon appeared in the blue corner. “Pumping Howl!” cried Wolfchaser, and the whorse let out a scream that got everyone’s head pumping. Ligh'tregan yelled back, “thanks! Multicoloured Ram! Wait Epos! Now! Flaming Wing!” the zeagoraeleon and the phoenix both used their most powerful attacks! “LIGH'TREGAN IS THE WINNER!”  

 he heard the same voices as before: “there you go!

“there’s only double here, you cheated me!” Ligh'tregan walked up to them.


“hey, don’t worry, I will pay it off for him”

“these are very unusual circumstances you speak of, Ligh'tregan!”

“you know my name. do you also know that I am prince of terrakloys, and the most fabled swordsman of all time in that kingdom?”

"yes, but you are not our prince, your highness, as we are from the realm of light, also known as the 50th kingdom."

 “but I can still pull some weight over what other people do.”

“yes I guess so.” He sighed. “give me the money then”
 “that’s no way to speak to a prince!”

“fine, would you prefer ‘o noble prince, would you kindly like to hand over your graciously earn’t money, which you probably don’t want and got for your birthday anyway, your highness?”

 “better, but could you put a ‘royal’ in front of the ‘highness’, if you would so please. Wait. No. just say ‘I would be pleased to accept your VERY kind offer, your royal highness.’ Yes, that should just about do it, I think, unless you would prefer to call me ‘your majesty’ instead.”

 “alright, I get it. Sorry, your royal highness, I will very gladly accept your excellently

 cleverly derived offer, which, as you say is more kind than any mortal man could ever imagine”

 “better than expected. Alright, here’s the money, but don’t let me hear you speaking like that to royalty ever again, you


 “yes your royal highness.”

“but I can still pull some weight over what other people do.”

“yes I guess so.” He sighed. “give me the money then”

 “yes, but you are not our prince, as we come from the realm of light, also known as the 50th kingdom”

Ligh'tregan then was allowed to chill out in the messoke room, where every single contestant who had duelled before was. Including Rheged.


“Hey! Ligh'tregan! Come over here!”
He walked over to the table he was sitting at. “Anything I can get you?” said
"sure! i'll have some raw zebra and a chicken paprika please!"
“Why the raw zebra?”
“Well, for my griffon of course!”
“Oh, what do zeagoraeleons and phoenixes eat then?”
“They’ll eat three of each food on the menu apart from any meat products.”
“Oh, thanks! Ok. Raw zebra and two chicken paprikas as well as three of each food on the menu
apart from meat products please" 
“Ok, that’ll be fine!” the man at the counter gave him the food and he gave the raw zebra meat to 
the griffon, the chicken paprikas were already on the table, and he threw everything 
else to his creatures so they could learn how to share. He waited for Rheged to start
 eating his first to see if it was human food or if
there were any side effects. To his delight, so was
everyone else, and so after 4 minutes everyone was 
tucking in quite happily. “So, you are the king of terrakloys, eh?” said someone sitting
right behind him. He turned around and saw immediately that he was one of the royal
guards. Everything pointed to the fact. Long, brown beard. Dirty, muddy, brown face.
Mean looking sword, strapped to his belt by golden rope. Battered old helm
with gold lines down it. Seemingly empty purse. The automatic seat, the 
only luxury guards had. And his name written three times, one on his chest, one on his sword and one on his helm. This guy was a veteran. Also
 a very good friend.“Hey! It’s you! Ari! I haven’t seen you since… well, since a long time ago! Moonclub still up and running?”
“Yep, and that’s why I spoke to you. There’s this poison master that thinks it’s some kind of criminal hideout! He 
joined the club so he wouldn’t get caught by the police. People keep on 
saying ‘hey, imagine what would happen if the king caught him, from what
I've heard, he's vicious and ruthless!' I thought, maybe I could hold a
meeting, say, in the Criminal’s Camp to stop anyone from seeing it, then
you just go and arrest him or something, in front of everyone's eyes.
I’ll be sitting directly opposite him.”

 “Ok, I’m down with that plan. I’ll just arrest him and make him work for the city, 

poisoning the criminals and mining for jewels and gold. I’ll also use his own poison 

on him, confiscate all the antidotes and only give him the antidote once he’s worked 

to his limit. Then I shall kill him, but in the most noble way, with my sword, and by 

the way, I’m not king yet, just prince.”

“Sorry, your highness. You have no sword though!?”

“You sure?”



“Yep” then Ligh'tregan made a sword appear in his hand. There were cries of ‘wow!’ 

and ‘how did he do that!?’ then Rheged said “I have only heard of this once before 

and it was the skilled wise god of swords that did it. I was once this god but I had to 

pass on to some crazy mad old man!”

You were the skilled wise god of swords?” said Ligh’tregan. “Well, why didn’t you 

say so, so am I! And that crazy mad old man passed on to me! He set up tasks though, 

the first one was I had to find a way to kill ten demons without any sword, and to 

make sure I didn’t cheat, all the swords that I would ever pick up were broken, thanks 

to a dumb spell I was forced to read, then the second task was I had to jump off a cliff 

and have faith in someone, I chose Sel’ania. The third task was I had to solve  a riddle. 

Once I solved it, he wiped my mind and sent me back up to the top. My friends 

reminded me of what I had to remember, which was ‘remember elf’!”

“Exactly the same test as I had, except without the non-cheating bit”


“Looks like I gotta go, see ya in the finals!” said Rheged, with a really annoying grin 

on his face.

“Bluewater’s the champion! He’s never been beaten before, but wolfchaser scores the 

most points! So if you beat wolfchaser, you’re automatically in the finals!”

He carried on eating along with everyone else. Ten seconds later there was the 




placers from the back of the seats. The Extremely Loud Voice said “LIGH'TREGAN


LETT… LE…” the voice died. Ligh'tregan pressed the button that said 9/B on it and 

his creatures appeared in the blue corner. Rheged pressed his button and nothing 

happened. The voice had not finished. The button did not work. Therefore the creature

owning the voice must have been a dieall. The only way to resume the work was to 

revive the dieall. The only way to revive a dieall was to kill someone, a human!

“Looks like we have a tricky situation here!” said a voice right at the back, so quietly 

that only a god could have heard it. As fast as lightning, the seat was empty and there 

was a dead person and an alive person in the same seat but the first row, but not for 

long. Now there was 1 dead person and one knocked out and arrested person. The 

knocked out and arrested person was an assassin and the dead person was a templar. 

The assassin was part of the assassin’s creed, a group of assassins who only kill the 

bad people who would only cause more deaths and suffering if they were alive. The 

templars were people who sought to bring peace to the land through capturing people 

who didn’t follow their orders and slaughtering anything else.


Worth it though, the dieall was revived. “NOW, BACK TO WHAT I WAS SAYING,  


button and a griffon and a sphinx appeared.

“Sphinx, brainwash that zeagoraeleon!” but Ligh'tregan’s friendship prevented it from 

taking control of his creatures.

“Epos! Flaming Wing!”   

“Zeagor! Rainbow Ram!”

Griffin! Critical Defence!” Epos was defeated! Zeagor lost half its strength! Griffin

was unharmed!



“I don’t think that dieall knows what I am!” said ligh'tregan, “a Dragon rider!” he 

pressed the button again and Goldera appeared!

“Now, Goldera, Scorching Flame!” Goldera shot a really powerful flame at the 

griffon, and he disintegrated! Ligh'tregan was now the champion!

“AND NOW, THE CAPTURING CONTEST!” shouted the dieall.




Ligh'tregan now got to practice on his own in the vehimentius room. He managed to  

capture all 13 unicorns, 45 centaurs, 62 salamanders and 200 griffons when Rheged 

walked in.

“Wow, you’re pretty good, how did you get every single creature here to follow you 

without any exception?” Ligh'tregan showed him the styler.

“it’s called a styler, you press this button, and this little disc shoots out, spinning 

really fast around the creature until it turns into an orange ring, then you shout stop. 

The first use it relies on your strength, then it starts feeding on your experience.”

“Cool. I couldn’t understand how to use it. By the way, I’m not really looking forward 

to it, but I’m against you in the finals.”

“So you came down here to try and find out my strategy?”

 “Yes, and now I know how it works I can stop it from working!” he reached for the 


 “Not so fast, uni, stop time! Thord! Wipe all about the styler from his mind, also, give 

me access to his mind at all times!” thanks to Thord, the centaur, he could always see into Rheged’s mind, and thanks to uni, the unicorn, he didn’t take any amount of time doing it.

He stepped v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y aside and closed the door as time started to 

un-freeze. Rheged was sent careening into the previously open door, with nothing in 

his hands, completely the opposite of what he had originally wanted to do. Ligh'tregan 

helped him up and asked why he ran straight into a closed steel door.

“I do not have a clue. Anyway, got to go, plenty of time to practice!” he started to 

walk out of the room.

“By the way, Rheged?”


“Tell me when you get there,” he threw him a communicator.

“I’ll send you a gift!”

“OK, sure!” Ligh'tregan knew that his practice area was two hours away. He would 

send him a styler, then fast forward time to the final, just as a joke, and then, just 

when they got bored of waiting around for him, he would pause time and ‘teleport’ 

him to the finals just in time. During the ‘teleportation’, he would take back the styler.

“Hello, Ligh'tregan, I’m here! Where’s that gift?” ligh'tregan teleported the styler on 

to his back, where it got stuck on something that resembled a shark’s fin.

“Right behind you!(literally!)”

“No it’s not!”

“Try that shark fin thing of yours!” he took the play shark fin off and the styler fell off

onto a cushion.


“Don’t mention it!” Ligh'tregan put the communicator down.

“Yes!  Part A complete!” Ligh'tregan used uni to speed up time and teleported to the 

finals. Part B complete! An hour later, Ligh'tregan thought that they would never give

 up. Just then, he heard a gruff voice, one you might expect to hear from a dwarf

wrestler. He looked down, about the same height as a dwarf, but all he saw was a 

great big pair of shoes, he followed them up and, sure enough, there was a giant 

staring right at him with… surely it couldn’t be? Respect?

“Here is the winner! Ligh…” Ligh'tregan then used uni to stop time for the last time 

and let him go. He went and grabbed Rheged, stole back his styler, and took him to 

where the giant was standing, noticed he had been running and calling someone a 

very rude name, so he decided to go even further and directed him at the giant, fist 

clenched and pointing at his spine, and resumed his original position. Time slowly 

started to speed up. Rheged resumed shouting the rude name, resumed running, and 

ended up looking a complete idiot and also, like he hated the giant, punching him in 

the kidney and calling him a rude name. The whole crowd burst into laughter, saying 

things like “well done Ligh'tregan, good show!” and “part C complete!” Rheged said

“ Well done, amazing prank, I was told to go along with it, but I probably would’ve 

anyway, with how convincing it was. Oy! Zuri! Will you do the honours?”

“Sure!” said a dwarf that sounded exactly the same as the giant. He walked over to the 

grass model and burnt it.

“What, everything, the you turning against me and all that, that was all just to try and 

get me to play a decent prank?”

“Yep!” said Rheged, with a stupid grin.

“jus’ ‘cos I is prince dun’ mean I is a snobby loser!” said Ligh’tregan in his best thug-

like accent. there was a short silence. Then everyone started laughing hysterically.

chapter 9: The Dragon Lord chap9 

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