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The Dragon Lord chapter 9


Chapter 9, dark magic.



Across Terrakloys, a dark wizard was planning his revenge. He was absolutely mad at having Ligh’tregan defy destiny. When people defied his master, he was given a task to destroy that person, and he was proving a hard one to beat, let alone destroy. Occasionally they were easier to kill than beat, but destiny had failed to do it. That made his mind space small enough for an atom to try and fail to get in. it was god-damned small anyway, curse the king for completely blowing it. his name was Tellan Redshield. He had served destiny for about three years now. To be honest, he was starting to get quite sick of it. If only there was some way to trick him, some way to beat him. Actually, now that he thought about it, the new king was seeming to become quite good at it. Maybe he should ask him.


The next day, Ligh'tregan awoke still inside the portal. Rheged was outside, on a sort of balcony thing, training his socks off. “ why are you training now, the competition’s over, I’ve won!” Ligh'tregan asked him.

“ I want one more battle against you before we go, and I really need to train to beat you!”, he answered, “and we can’t battle now, in case you’re wondering, because you have a prize to pick up!” go back to the arena, there’s a monk waiting to give it to you!”

“cool, what is it?”

“that I cannot say, as it is something different every time. I can tell you one thing though, and that is that you’ll like it!”

so he went down to the arena, and sure enough, there was a tall man with no hair and brown sack-robes waiting for him.

“Rheged said you had something for me.”

indeed I do, lord our king, I believe that you will like it.”

The monk handed him a strange card. He looked at it and it had three horns and was pictured with all of them sticking out through the skin of a tyrannosaurus rex (which Ligh'tregan knew meant ‘tyrant king of the reptiles’ in Latin) the only thing that had three horns and could kill a T-Rex was a triceratops, Ligh'tregan's favourite dinosaur.

“thank you!” he said. The monk silently handed him another card.

“what’s this?”

“a reward for being so polite. This is just a starter card, I’m sure you understand. If you want to be the best dino-dueller, you have to have a good selection of move and dino cards. This card here is a move card, it’s called lightning strike. Use it when the battle gets tough in any way, shape, or form.”

“thank you for enlightening me, brother.”

“I appreciate your gratitude, even bathe in it, and I must do one last thing for you.”

“and what might that be?”

“my mission at the moment is to upgrade thy styler for dino-duelling, and then ‘twill change to sending thee on thy twisted and foredestined path to defeating, or losing against thy newly-gained ally and pal in an epically and masterfully fought dino-duel.”

“please, what’s with all the theeing and thouing, you were speaking perfectly fine just a moment ago!”

“sorry, I hope you understand, it was a slight official matter, my master, the destiny of light. He doesn’t take kindly to official matters being spoken in modern tongue, he’s a bit of an old fogie, but not as bad as the destiny of shadows, I’ve heard he treats his slave differently. Forcing him to go and kill anyone who stops his way of things very slowly and painfully, with an axe, even if it’s his family. He doesn’t even tell him that there’s two destinies. He thinks you’ve actually found a way of not doing what a destiny tells you to.”

“so I’ve not been doing what this dark destiny-“

“destiny of shadows, Ligh'tregan!”

“-yes, that, tells me to?”

“yes, and he is very annoyed at that, so far, you haven’t done anything the destiny of shadows wanted you to do, but everything the destiny of light wanted you to do. You were meant to kill the king, not become prince, on his side, and also, he wanted you to be the assassin that revived the dieall. In fact, he wanted you to be born 6000 years ago and to have been a snobby little boy who punched anyone who had been good in any way, even not talking when someone else was. He wanted you to be a right little monster. Ah. Here we go. One upgraded styler, now go and overwhelm Rheged with your awesome power!”

“OK, see ya later!”

“see ya!”


in front of him, the door was closed. He tried it and it was locked too. “Rheged, can you open up please?”

“use magic! I can’t be bothered to come over to the door and risk losing my place on the field.”

“you haven’t challenged me yet!”

“ok, fine, I, Rheged Bluewater, hereby challenge you, Ligh'tregan Swae’teang, to a dino-duel! Now, go ahead and blast that door down!”

so he did. the door caved inwards and splintered into a million pieces. Rheged was standing in the blue corner, looking both annoyed and completely bewildered

“why the annoyed look, my dear friend?”

“I’ve never, ever made that mistake before! I’ve always managed to find a way to force the opponent to challenge me!” he swore. “and I shouldn’t have told you that either, should I?”

“don’t worry, I already knew all the rules of a duel. How wouldn’t I, after al those years duelling with the elves?”

“good point, all the more reason to be annoyed at the fact that I made that mistake, eh?”

“don’t worry about it Rheged, I’ve never made that mistake either though. Well, one up to me, I guess!” Rheged cursed silently. “what’s that, Rheged? Anyway, I get to pick the house rules. Let’s see… you’re not allowed to use a dino card. I get unlimited creatures, you only get 6. and… you’re not allowed to revive or heal creatures after each battle. That should do it I think.”

“you’re not making this any easier for me, you know?”

“of course.”

“oh well, here we go… duel disk on!” a sort of blue and grey portable table spread out on Rheged’s arm. “you’re well equipped aren’t you?”

“I’ll put it this way… I have to be.”

“fair enough.” Ligh'tregan opened his styler and there were slots for cards on it. he placed the card that had a picture of Zeagor on one of them face up. The faithful beast appeared in front of him, in the red corner of course. Then, he took one of the cards he had designed himself out of his pocket and placed it on top of the previous card, face up again, which this time had a picture of a sort of solid blue dome on it. “upgrade card, you understand? It’s called force-field and it- well, generates a force-field!” the force-field went up around the zeagoraeleon.

“nice move!” exclaimed Rheged.

“thanks!” then it was Rheged’s move. he placed a card with the picture of a griffon on one of his card slots. Griffin appeared in the blue corner. Then Rheged placed an upgrade card of his own face-down, quite obviously saving it for later.

“your move.” Ligh'tregan then drew the card with the picture of epos on it. He looked closely and found he could see every detail. The card was not masterfully made, rather transformed. Then he placed the card on the next slot, and epos appeared in his side of the field. Then he took out a second upgrade card at random, and found it was exactly the card he wanted: flame sword. With this, epos could fly at griffin, attack normally, and launch the sword at griffin afterwards. After that, Zeagor could use rainbow ram and griffin would be finished. He placed flame sword on top of epos and commanded him to fly at griffin. Epos hit him with the flame sword once. Then Ligh'tregan picked out the “flaming wing” move card and slashed it across the slit that was in the center of the styler. Epos flew at griffin once more and hit him with both her fiery wing and the flaming sword that was attached to it, and threw the sword at the griffon. It was at this point that Ligh'tregan noticed that griffin was no longer a griffon. Instead, in his place there stood a giant t-rex. Then Rheged discarded the face-down card that was by now face-up to the hole in his duel disk marked “the graveyard” Ligh'tregan could from there just about read that it was named “de-evolution” so t-rexes evolved into griffons. Interesting. Anyway, now it was Zeagor’s turn. Also, Rheged had to use three cards for that combo: griffin, de-evolution and t-rex, nicknamed “Terry”. Things were looking for the better! (also, it should be mentioned that Terry had taken on all of griffin’s hits and it had cost it another 300 hp to de-evolve) Ligh'tregan picked out rainbow ram and swiped it. Zeagor ran at the t-rex with alarming speed and head-butted it with all the colours of the rainbow showing up the length of his horns. The colours then travelled into the body of Terry. Also, the force-field turned into a ball and shot itself at the great t-rex faster than lightning. Terry was knocked to the other side of the room with the force, but he was still not worn out of fighting yet. And by attacking, Ligh'tregan had got rid of the force-field, making Zeagor susceptible to an attack. “your turn!” Rheged just commanded Terry to eliminate Zeagor. The t-rex’s strategy involved a lot of biting and scratching. But at the end of this slightly berserk attack, Zeagor was still worn out. Then, without any creature of the gods to lead her, epos fled to her card. Now it was time for dino v dino. Ligh'tregan placed his new triceratops card on the first slot. As with the rest of them, the triceratops appeared in the red corner. Then Ligh'tregan picked out the lightning strike card that the monk had just given him and slashed it. The huge dinosaur created a ball of lightning in between his horns, and then threw it at the t-rex. It collapsed out of exhaustion. Then Ligh'tregan took out an upgrade card and placed it face up on both the space where the triceratops card was and the space where Epos’ card was. The upgrade card in question was re-kindle. The effect went like this: place on top of a dinosaur card and a demoralized creature card. Give the dinosaur an extra attack each turn, as well as all fire using creatures on your side of the field. Then remoralize the selected creature. So, epos returned  to the field. “your turn, or so I believe.” Said Ligh'tregan, placing another upgrade card upside-down on the next slot. Rheged started his move by placing a centaur card on his first slot. Then, he used the upgrade card, “vampire’s call”. This allowed him to send a vampire card from his deck to Ligh'tregan's side of the field and set up a defence wall of vampire tokens.

“your move”                         

“aha! You’re going defensive!”

Ligh'tregan started his move by attacking a vampire token with his vampire card, “kokoa” and, one by one, the tokens began to go over to Ligh'tregan's field. Then he played the upgrade card, “fangs!”, which allowed all vampire monsters to attack twice without dying. So, kokoa, and all the vampire tokens, sucked the centaur’s blood twice! The centaur died from blood loss!  Then Ligh'tregan told Zeagor to attack Rheged. Rheged lost!

“damn, I forgot about kokoa’s vampire talk ability! Another turn and you would have been dead! My next card was Moka!” said Rheged.

“good battle there my friend!” it was the monk.

“yes, thanks!”

“you beat the champion! The reward for that is a vampire deck. You get the cards:

d              Moka

d              Kokoa

d              Vampire call

d              Bite!

d              Blood

d              Pyrokinesis

d              Superhuman speed

d              Immortality!

d              Himka

d              Dracula

d              Darumint

d              Rosario


“don’t mention it!”


the next book, “The Vampire Craze”, will explain how I joined a vampire school and came back wanting to suck everyone’s blood. Hope you enjoy!








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